Music Skull



Sometime in the far future someone found in Russia

the bare skull of a russian mujik

who lived in the early 19th century,

so the teeth were analysed holding count of

the records ‘bout the diet of the epoch for mujiks.


Another time, also in the far future, someone found in the Basque Country

the bare skull of a middle-class metropolitan man

who lived in the end of the 20th century

and the beginning of the 21st,

and then tried to determine

the reason why the teeth

were so terribly worn out.


The reason held was bruxism:

the grinding of the teeth,

caused mainly by stress, anxiety or tension,

or suppressed anger or frustration,

or aggressive, competitive or hyperactive

personality type,

usually while sleeping.


This individual, however,

was permanently humming

while playing a drum set

within his own unruly head:


clicking the tongue to make palatal bass drum,


using the teeth as the rest of the kit,


adding his nose for the sound of the cymbals.


Playing mouth drums


on the permanent humming.


A possession to modern music so strong


that he never delivered himself from


the playing,


A wearing out inner beatboxing that went on




in the sound box of his head.




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